28 April 2013

Fashion revelation: shyshy collars

Hey readers... :) Coming back to you with very fresh brand 'shyshy' from Lodz - very OFF city recently... and not because of Fashion Philosophy event.
Who creates shyshy?! Young, creative and very blond girl. Designer writes about herself:
'shyshy' is an independent collar fashion project.
all collars are unique & for sale, all are made from new or re-used textiles &
are organized in mini-collections.
In the middle of April I had pleasure to join shyshy session of newest collar collection Paź/Pages.

What can I say - collection is simply beautiful, I would rather say it's Royal collection. Wonderful textiles and patterns. Each collar is unique and different. Models don't duplicate. I fell in love in few of them and couldn't let them go away - 3 models are already mine (Jędruś, Michaś & Kazio)!

Antoś/ Henio/ Hugo

Price: 40 PLN/10 EURO piece 
Staś/ Krzyś/ Ambroży

Price: 40 PLN/10 EURO piece 
Emil / Marceli/ Jędruś

Price: 40 PLN/10 EURO piece 
Michaś Kazio/ Cecyl

Price: 40 PLN/10 EURO piece 
Józio / Jędruś/ Tadzio

Price: 40 PLN/10 EURO piece 

After 2 weeks from launching Paź Collection, almost all collars are sold out. Impressive result. I'm not surprised a lot honestly when price is so attractive (40 pln/10 eur).

Specially for you short report from backstage works with shyshy designer :)

enjoy 'shyshy' & get yourself your own 'shyshy'!
contact + orders:



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