04 August 2011

Spontaneous purchase

Yesterday, for a moment I found myself in paradise ... paradise of nail polishes :)

All nail polishes with white caps came from Allepaznokcie: deep blue (78),
yellow (48),  deep green (97) & ball shaped cornflower blue (187)
All thanks to my friend! She discovered that right next to our office is very richly stocked warehouse & headquarter of 'Allepaznokcie'. Excellent choice - a rich color palettes like Inglot's, but prices eight times lower (what doesn't change the fact that I am an absolute fan of Inglot).

Surely you can imagine my "Oh!..." admiration when the wall full of nail polishes appeared to my eyes. Of course I couldn't leave with empty hands and bought four beautiful shades, complementing my rainbow collection.

If you are looking for cheap and beautiful shades, I recommend. Shortly after returning home, have made test and conclude that durability and pigment for offered price are amazing.

And finally a quick preview of the dress which I managed to finish. It is more beautiful than I expected - the top part is made ​​of black velvet, the bottom from material with embroidered pattern, painted with metallic paint.
'The icing on the cake' is a belt with bow, made from black ribbon.

Dress is definitely designed for colder days, but don't worry - soon will put the set with dress in the main role ;) !

I'm really curious of your opinions about the dress! What accessories would you propose?


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  1. Sukienka- śliczna, ale myślę, że lepiej będzie się prezentować na człowieku ;) ja bym dała czarne szpilki i czarną grubą opaskę we wlosy (albo kokardkę-spinkę) i taka małą aksamitną czarną torebeczkę :)