08 August 2011

Sunday siesta, ole!

Hello dears!
Weather doesn't spare us once again, but I have in my head still weekend :) Wonderful, hot and relaxing.

My number one during hot days are light and airy fabrics - in this case, linen dress. Type?! One of my favorites - tucked bottom, girded with black belt at the waist. In the front of belt is located modest bow. Due to the fairly recent theft of my entire collection of jewelry (there is no worse survival for women - believe me!), accessories very modest - a black long earrings and gold headband.

And finally shoes, suede heels from ZARA.
To break up the classic look I've put deep green color on the nails :)

Nice soiree!

Linen dress: my own production
Black belt: my own production
Suede heels: Zara
Earings: H&M
Gold headband: H&M

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